Better user experience
for your software

Create interactive step-by-step guided tours

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  • help users understand your application
  • easy onboard new employees
  • help visitors discover your website


Tune your online application or website with live, step-by-step, user tours.
You can call them walkthroughs, guides, or tutorials.

Easily onboard new users

Say goodbye to useless and
out-of-date user manuals.
Boost product adoption.

Automate employee training

Speed up the training process
using a hands-on approach.
Lower training costs.

Get more customers

Retain visitors on your website and
turn them into satisfied customers.
Reduce churn rate.

How it works

Create an account and immediately start defining interactive tours for your users, with no programming skills required.

Multi browser support

Works for 99% web-based software on any browser

No coding required

You don't need any special skills to define your walkthroughs

Usage reports

You track user engagement with simple and clear reports

Accelerate the Adoption of your Product

Choose Your Plan

If during the first 30 days after purchasing you decide that our solution does not satisfy your needs, we will refund all your money.

Money back guarantee


$ 59 / month

  • unlimited guide plays
  • up to 5 guide definitions
  • support via tickets
  • white label
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Custom solutions

  • on-premises deployment
  • extended analytics and reports
  • everything according to your needs
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Our main target is to best serve our clients' needs, to scale and grow together.

After struggling for almost one year to teach users the basics of our application we finnaly opted for UseGuide.
We designed a couple of simple tours and now clients start using our software on their own, in less than one week and with no extra support required.

-- Gerard Therrien / CEO

Our biggest win from UseGuide was onboarding new employees much faster and with lower costs.
We can now focus our attention on building interpersonal relationships and integrating new colleagues successfully in our team and corporate culture.

-- Janette Clifton / HR Manager

UseGuide changed my view on what a company should do to keep clients satified.
The most important lesson I learned is real customer orientation.

-- Marek Kozáčik / CEO

Tools such as UseGuide enable us to substantially increase conversion rate and customer retention for every new product we launch.

-- Cláudia Maria Piaget / Marketing Director

About Us

ArrogaNet Solutions is a Business Software Applications and Services provider serving mostly small and medium enterprises.

We develop different types of software applications in the field of Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Employee Training.

UseGuide was born in 2014 as an in-house onboarding tool and grew rapidly into a successful product and business, offering user guidance around the world.

Our Vision

We want to bring software and people closer to each other.

We like simple things and we consider that no one should feel bad or confused when trying to accomplish technical tasks. Operating computers should be easy and feel natural for everyone.

We strive to offer real value for our customers and we belive that only win-win partnerships can take us further.

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